Dear friends,gerre001.salt
Every ministry or business needs a mission and vision statement. We are even advised by some to have such statements for our personal lives. Evangel Home has both statements, and we also have two phrases that serve as very succinct guiding principles – umbrellas under which everything happens.
The first one is “Christ Leads – People Care – Lives Change”
There is a wonderful unending circle of faith and action is those three phrases, and we see them lived out in our second “umbrella.” We believe we are best equipped to “Help one woman 1,000 ways rather than 1,000 women one way.”
I am often asked about helping more women, getting bigger, starting more Evangel Homes and I can always open that umbrella and explain our choice to stay fairly small in numbers and deep in involvement. Our choice seems to be God’s direction.
Perhaps no one embodies that “one woman” belief more than 56-year old Michelle.  She has grown children, was a successful Christian woman by so many measures, and yet her life fell apart several years ago. She recently told me that she has spent tens of thousands of dollars in programs, yet never received the kind of help she has received here for no charge.
She says, “My life has totally changed because I have been able to focus on myself and follow the Holy Spirit” in a way I’ve never been able to do before.”
Evangel Home is not “free” to our crisis home or program residents. The women work somewhere in the home, there are expectations, responsibilities, and requirements. Yet because of people like you, they are given a little reprieve from what for many are crushing worries and fears. You allow them to be still for a moment, refocus on life, and find the woman God created them to be.
You stand in the gap at Evangel Home for the women God brings through our door.  Your gifts of finances, prayers, donations, and volunteer activities become part of those two umbrellas that cover us and ultimately them. Just a few of the things you did in 2014:
  1. You helped us close strong financially
  2. You helped the Kid Zone move forward into full renovation mode
  3. You filled our pantry shelves
  4. You made it possible for ten women to graduate and for nearly 300 women, as well as children, to be served
  5. You supported us as we renovated apartments, brought fresh energy to chapel services, prepared special meals, and created special activities

What’s in store for 2015?

  1. How about celebrating 60 years!?! Our banquet is September 15th so save the date.
  2. We are celebrating our 60th birthday by inviting you and many others to celebrate your birthday with us. If that interests (or intrigues) you, give me a call at 559-264-4714.
  3. We will finish the KidZone which means more opportunities for older kids and bigger and better space for little ones.
  4. We are beginning our own business so that our graduates have a job, It’s called 5 Gals Cleaning and we will clean empty properties.

How’s that for starters?

Years ago, I chose the phrase “Serving Him Together” to close my letters, and it never seems more fitting than now. Thank you for making that more than an ending. You have made it an on-going reality.

Serving Him Together,

Gerre Brenneman
Executive Director


Other Ways to Give

Cash or check

One time gifts and monthly, quarterly or annual gifts are gladly accepted. Please make checks payable to Evangel Home and mail to 137 N. Yosemite Ave., Fresno, CA 93701.

Cash gifts of $250 or more are automatically issued a receipt.

Gifts in Memory or Honor

Giving in memory of a loved one or in honor of an anniversary or special event is a wonderful way to recognize loved ones while at the same time helping others.

Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust

Allows you to retain income from your property or investment for as long as you specify. When the Trust ends, the reminder is given to the charity of your choice.

Electronic Transfer

Your legacy will help ensure our future. Since our founding in 1955, gifts left to us in wills and trusts have provided the majority of our growth income. We have been able to remain debt-free and to expand our services to homeless women and children largely due to people who believe in this ministry and want it carried on. (Download the form now)

Invest in the future of Evangel Home

Evangel Home has investment advisors who are available to discuss deferred giving plans with you. Please contact Evangel Home at (559) 264-4714 and ask for either our Executive or Business office. Visit Mennonite Brethren Foundation for expert advice in this area, should you need additional information.

Charitable Remainder Trust

Provides for a gift that returns an income. Each year a percentage of the value of the Trust is paid to you or to others you designate. We are so thankful for your prayers and financial generosity. We are grateful, too, for our long history of helping women and children escape lives saturated in crisis. We look forward to partnering with you as together we reach more generations with our Lord’s gospel. Together we are changing lives for eternity. God bless you!